Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

Jim Payne's book, Six Political Illusions, and his "expectant giving" ideas are highly recommended. More at http://www.sixpoliticalillusions.com.

The website Human Progress (www.humanprogress.org) is excellent.

See the PERC website (www.perc.org) on free market environmentalism.

Frank Koller's book, Spark, is very informative about the Lincoln Electric Company's profit sharing program. More at http://www.amazon.com/Frank-Koller/e/B0031XT4VY/ref=dpbylinecontbook1.

See www.cowboyethics.org for a description of their Standing Tall program.

Acton Institute's website, www.acton.org is excellent.

See http://www.independent.org/lovegov/ for an amusing and insightful critique of government.

For excellent information on how cities can operate better see www.freedomcityusa.org.