Woodford Foundation for Limited Government

 We are the local chapter for The Bastiat Society headquartered  in Charleston, South Carolina (the umbrella organization for all Bastiat Society Chapters), which itself is a major program of the American Institute for Economic Research ("AIER"). See  www.bastiatsociety.com for additional information, click on "Chapters" and the Colorado Springs chapter for information about the Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs and to register to receive announcements of events. There is no formal membership program but anyone who contributes $100 or more is considered a Member and receives a magnetic nametag and 100 CS Bastiat Society business cards, if wanted, to help "Promote Free Enterprise and True, Responsible Capitalism in the Pikes Peak Region."


January     Dan Griswold, Mercatus, on international trade

February    Tom Krannawitter on "Save the Swamp"

April            Sharyl Attkisson on her new book

May             Chris Edwards, CATO, on Downsizing Government

July              Presentation on Bitcoins

August          Mattie Albert on Millennials and capitalism

September    FEE-CSGI program at UCCS on liberty heroes

October         Joe Postell on the Administrative State


John Tamny on his book, Who Needs the Fed?

Maurice McTigue on what it takes for a dynamic, growing economy

Larry Reed on Free Trade

CAGW breakfast program

CCEE Annual Luncheon with Cynthia Coffman

Dan Mitchell on The Pathology of Privilege

Paul Prentice on Sound Money

Ken Buck on draining the swamp

Regina Lewis and Bart Givens on Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World

Tom Duening and Matt Metzger on Entrepreneurial Virtues

FEE-CSGI program on The Political Economy of a Free Society


Joe Postell on Political Parties

Josh Dunn on Conservative Professors in the University

Paul Prentice on TABOR

Property and Environment Research Center on Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation

Laura Carno on her book, Government Ruins Nearly Everything

Richard Carpenter on "Bottleneckers"

Pros and Cons of an Article V Convention of States

Paul Prentice on Renewable Energy

Brad DeVos, President of the Bastiat Society

Leslie Paige from Citizens Against Government Waste

Larry Reed, CEO of FEE, on Real Heroes

Bob Cutter on economic problems of El Paso County

Cowboy Ethics with Kent Noble, Executive Director of the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership